WP-United v0.8.3 released!

WP-United v0.8.3 is now ready for download. This release fixes all reported bugs outstanding or reported since v0.8.2, and with luck will be one of the last and most stable releases in the v0.8 branch.

To upgrade from v0.8.x, just upload the full fileset from root/ to your forum root, clear the phpBB cache and run the Setup Wizard all the way through again. Don’t forget to copy over your blog.php, and – if the Setup Wizard doesn’t do it for you – the wpu-plugin.php plugin file.

To upgrade from earlier versions, follow the relevant upgrade file included in the contrib/ folder, and follow these instructions.

What’s new?

  • Fixed comments trying to get cross-posted details when empty
  • Fixed default WP avatar broken
  • Fixed avatar syncing for integrated users
  • Fixed RSS feeds not showing correctly for WordPress-in-phpBB
  • Various fixes for when phpBB Gzip is active
  • More plugin fixes… fixes
  • Fixed comment links on non-cross-posted comments
  • Editing cross-posts that have become sticky or announcements now preserves their status
  • Fixed missing options and display glitches in the user mapping tool
  • … and more
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12 comments on “WP-United v0.8.3 released!
  1. Hazar says:

    This for [br] bug testing.

    Comment Test, [br][br]

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