WP-United v0.9 Status

I’ve been travelling the last few weeks, with limited Internet access, so while I have been very bad at responding to e-mails and messages on the forums, I have managed to make a lot of progress with the next big version of WP-United:

  • blog.php is gone: WP-United will no longer need it, making installation for new users much simpler.
  • The way WordPress is called has changed: it will now be compatible with nearly all plugins, without needing most plugin fixes.
  • The installation process is in the process of being changed. The Wizard / Setup Page is being moved from phpBB to WordPress, and will be much easier to use. Below is a sneak preview. Highlights include an interactive filelist for setting paths, tabbed/sliding menus, much more clarity in options, and (hopefully) no more “Step 5″ blues.

New Control Panel

New Control Panel 1

New Control Panel 2

New Control Panel 2

While you are welcome to check out and test v0.9, it is still in the process of undergoing open heart surgery. Many portions of code are temporary and subject to change, and the new control panel is not yet finished.

I envisage that things will start to crystallize in 2 weeks or so, and then hopefully testing will be easier and more people can follow along — watch this space!

I will be back on a regular schedule from the end of next week too.

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