Following v0.9 development

This is just a reminder that you can follow WP-United development on

Launchpad automatically imports code from our SVN repository. It is usually around 5-10 hours behind, but it provides a nice interface for seeing the changes and activity (or, admittedly, lack thereof, on occasion).

If you are testing WP-United v0.9, it’s a nice way to assess the changes that have been made.

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16 comments on “Following v0.9 development
  1. bigt11 says:

    I noticed that launchpad is not updating also, for a min I though it wasnt getting worked on at all for a while. Seems like they are chugging away at it though

  2. linuxrules says:

    Is launchpad not working or is it just me? On launchpad I only see up to revision 506, but in the svn it is a 556. Just thought I would ask and see if I was the only one seeing this.


  3. saber210 says:

    i cant wait for 0.9 to be release..

    will this work on 3.0.1 wordpress??


  4. looic says:

    Hi !
    As always, you do a great job ! :-)

    Can you tell me if the new WP-united plugin will be compatible with PHPBB SEO plugins ? I heard that actually there are some issues…

    Thank you for your help,

  5. theaviator says:

    We are expectant for the release, how much time do you estimate for that? Whats the link for donating through PayPal?

  6. fac7orx says:

    Awesome, looks like you have done quite a bit recently! As always, I can’t wait for .9 to come out :D.

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