Welcome to the Downloads Page. Here you can download the latest version of WP-United.


Version: v0.9.2.8 Release Candidate 3
Released: 21 May 2014
Format: WordPress Plugin & phpBB MODX
Works with: WordPress 3.4.x & 3.5.x with phpBB 3.0.11
Languages included: English, Deutsch, 简体中文, Français, русский, Srpski (Latinica), Português Brasileiro
MD5: e728580e1f920af59b56dcb80321dc1b

Downloaded: 74,366 times

Download full package:
Click here to download!


Alternative packages:
These are only useful if you already have the phpBB or WordPress portion of WP-United installed. (Note: You need both for WP-United to work, so only use these if you know what you are doing, or have been linked here directly):


Click here to download the old phpBB2 version, WP-United v0.9.5 Beta for WordPress , downloaded 11,421 times.



These are testing builds that are NOT for use on live or internet-accessible sites. They are for testing the latest version of WP-United, and may often be in a broken state.
Tested with: WordPress 3.4.x & phpBB 3.0.11

For instructions on how to install such a mod, please visit If you spot any bugs, or have any questions, please report them in our Forum. Any feedback you have will help to improve the mod.

Caution: This is pre-release software. It has been tested, but if you have a heavily modded board, you may experience bugs. You should back up all related files and database(s) before installing.

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