Debugging Server 500 errors / blank pages

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Debugging Server 500 errors / blank pages

Postby Jhong » Mon 24 Dec, 2012 1:01 pm

If, when trying to connect to your forum, the WP-United setup doesn't let you proceed, it will return with a screen telling you the error encountered.

If the error message is empty, or just says something uninformative, such as "server 500 error", error messages are being suppressed on your server.


This is normal: It is important to suppress errors on production sites, as hackers can purposely provoke errors on your site in order to read the error messages and learn more about your server setup.

However, in order to find out what is wrong with your setup and figure out why WP-United is not connecting, we need that information.

Where to check first

The first place to look is in your PHP error log. If you manage your own Linux server, it will probably be somewhere like /var/log/apache2/error.log. The error log may contain a whole bunch of errors unrelated to WP-United too -- so provoke the error just prior to looking in the log, or keep the last lines of the error log on-screen using the tail -f command.

On a shared host, you may be able to access and view your PHP error log via your control panel.

I can't access my error log; or there's nothing in there

Please try the following, in order, to try to expose the error. Eventually you will see an error on the screen or in your PHP error log.

  • Turn on phpBB debugging in phpBB's config.php by uncommenting the two DEBUG lines.
  • Disable error suppression in phpBB mods by opening phpBB's common.php, and removing the @ from @include($phpbb_root_path . 'includes/hooks/' ...
  • Turn on WordPress debugging in WordPress' wp-config.php by adding define('WP_DEBUG', TRUE); somewhere.

OMG, that's a lot of errors!

After going through these steps, if you have a bunch of WordPress plugins installed, you will likely suddenly uncover a lot of PHP notices and warnings that you never knew existed.

Usually, most of these warnings or notices will be from your theme or other plugins, especially older WordPress plugins that haven't been updated for a while. In most cases, although it is good practice to understand and eliminate them, you can probably ignore them.

If setup is failing, you are looking for a fatal error during that page load.

Please post this information, along with your "Get Help" information, when seeking support.
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Re: Debugging Server 500 errors / blank pages

Postby oculushut » Thu 14 Mar, 2013 10:14 am

Hi there, any tips?

I am getting an error after trying to setup... I used AutoMOD on phpbb... there were some "DIY" instructions even after the AutoMOD, but I am assuming they are for if you did not use AutoMOD?

Below is an error from my httpd error logs:

[error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare make_clickable() (previously declared in /var/www/html/blog/wp-includes/formatting.php:1573) in /var/www/html/phpBB3/includes/functions_content.php on line 679, referer: ... ited-setup

From Wordpress:

WP-United Version :
WordPress Version : 3.5.1
PHP Version : 5.3.20
WP-United enabled? : No
WordPress Home URL :
WordPress Base URL :
WordPress Plugin URL :
phpBB URL : Unknown
Plugin Path : /ments/www/are/it/ised/all/ele/
WordPress Path : /ments/www/are/it/
phpBB Path : /ments/www/are/hidden/
Active plugins : akismet/akismet.php, google-analytics-for-wordpress/googleanalytics.php, simple-page-ordering/simple-page-ordering.php, ultimate-tinymce/main.php, wordpress-seo/wp-seo.php, wp-facebook-open-graph-protocol/wp-facebook-ogp.php, wp-united/wp-united.php, yop-poll/yop_poll.php
Current theme : Twenty Ten
Allocated memory : 35131.719298246M
Memory limit : 256M
Locale : en_US
integrateLogin : 0
showHdrFtr : NONE
wpSimpleHdr : 1
dtdSwitch : 0
phpbbCensor : 1
wpPageName : page.php
phpbbPadding : 6-12-6-12
xposting : 0
phpbbSmilies : 0
avatarsync : 1
integcreatewp : 1
integcreatephpbb : 1
xpostautolink : 0
xpostspam : all
xpostforce : -1
xposttype : excerpt
xpostprefix : [BLOG]
cssMagic : 1
templateVoodoo : 1
useForumPage : 1


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Re: Debugging Server 500 errors / blank pages

Postby Jhong » Mon 18 Mar, 2013 4:45 pm


The error basically means that the MOD has not been applied. Check the AutoMod settings to see what method you have for uploading the changed files -- and ensure that it works.

Sometimes AutoMod can FTP changed files to the wrong location. Sometimes it offers a compressed file for download and you have to upload them yourself -- it really depends on your server settings.

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Re: Debugging Server 500 errors / blank pages

Postby oculushut » Tue 19 Mar, 2013 8:49 pm

Hey thanks for response. I found that in the end the issue was that I had not given ownership of the phpBB files to apache user. I did this, uninstalled the MOD, reinstalled it and everything then worked! Thank you!
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Blank Pages after Tapatalk integration

Postby F4st1DiO » Wed 30 Oct, 2013 8:42 pm

Dear community,
i found a problem trying to install wp-united with and without the Tapatalk integration.
At this moment, if i install and activate WP United, i get Wordpress frontend and backend as blank page. (source code is empty). No errors on php log.
I really need some tricks to make a debug because I can't get any usefull data...
Let me know.

The website is and the forum is on
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